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For 35 years, Bittersweet Inc. has been dedicated to serving members of the community who have autism and those who care for people with autism. To illustrate the range of the organization's efforts, both the name and the logo were changed in 2004. Our legal name, which was the Autistic Community of NW Ohio, was changed to Bittersweet, Inc. to better represent the available services, including day programming, community living, respite care, and more. As part of the revised focus, the previous logo was discarded for one that better shows our array of premier services.

Funk Luetke Skunda Marketing's co-creative director, Bruce Yunker, created the new logo, which appears on Bittersweet letterhead, envelopes, and other printed materials. Yunker used many elements to create a logo that reflects our mission. Yunker toured Bittersweet in the fall of 2003 for inspiration. He left with firsthand knowledge of several of the qualities we find important, including our setting and our energy.

Leaves, which represent our surroundings, were a natural place to start. By positioning the leaves in a certain way, Yunker created a person with his arms extended up in the air. The image is a surprise for some people who do not see it at first glance.

This person represents the most important part of Bittersweet: its people. Because the organization strives to support people with autism and their families, this logo could not be complete without a person in it. The person's arms are raised in the logo to show exuberance, a feeling of accomplishment. Yunker said this also represents the positive energy he felt while touring Bittersweet.

Yunker also chose the colors based on his tour. The main green color represents the natural setting of Bittersweet, while yellow was chosen to show the bright, positive energy here. The final touch is a soft glow surrounding the leaves and person. Yunker added this glow as another way to show how Bittersweet is an environment that envelopes the people it supports and assists.