Bittersweet engages in a model which employs meaning and motivation, aerobic activity, partnership and planning, and structure and support. This provides a community of interdependence and a holistic and healthy environment in which the potential of each participant is envisioned and developed. Every interaction is a lesson in reciprocal communication, relationship building, and mutual cooperation between staff and participant.


Bittersweet prides itself on recognizing the unique qualities and needs of each individual with autism and addressing those needs appropriately. Dignity, respect, and kindness are the hallmarks of the staff and participant relationship and all of our behavioral and habilitative programming incorporates these ideals. Bittersweet Farms is owned and operated by Bittersweet, Inc., a non-profit Ohio corporation. Operating funds are provided by a combination of Federal, State, and private sources. Private grants and donations continue to make up an important share of its growth and success.