Bittersweet Gardens

Bittersweet Gardens

In 2013, Bittersweet Farms received a generous grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food & Agriculture to fund the creation of Bittersweet Gardens, an expansion of the Bittersweet Horticulture Program, Culinary Program, and Creative Arts Program. Bittersweet Gardens focuses on developing skills needed for community employment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

A self-sustaining program, Bittersweet Gardens builds community relationships, develops products that meet industry standards, and increases employment for adults with autism. Bittersweet Gardens is made up of three departments: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Culinary, and Bittersweet Creative Arts.


The Culinary Program’s mission is to inspire capable workers while creating products for the community. The program trains individuals in basic food safety, baking, and cooking in order to prepare for future employment opportunities.

The day program participants involved in the Culinary Program are involved in every step of the process when it comes to creating products to sell.

Bittersweet Gardens Cookies 

Please note: as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cookie sales are suspended until further notice.

The Bittersweet Gardens Culinary program bakes ten different types of cookies! These are sold exclusively at our Whitehouse location. Three packs, six packs, and cookies by the dozen are available for purchase.

Click here to order your cookies today! You can also print our order form here

Please note that cookie orders must be placed two weeks in advance of your pick-up date. 

Creative Arts

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Please note: As a result of the COVID-19 panedemic, Creative Arts orders on Etsy are supended until further notice. For those customers who currently have orders placed through our Creative Arts Program, please be advised that these orders will unfortunately be delayed. Refunds are available for those customers wishing to cancel their orders by contacting Melanie Sears, Creative Arts Specialist, at or 419-875-6986.

The Creative Arts Program offers individuals with autism the opportunity to express their thoughts, needs, and emotions while exploring a variety of artistic techniques and media.  This program allows individuals to create art and express themselves, while also reducing anxiety.  Examples of artwork include ceramic pieces, paintings, woven placements and table runners, jewelry, and fused glass.  Artworks created by the Bittersweet Artists are sold in the community to provide funding for purchasing much needed art supplies and equipment. 

The creative art projects can be purchased at the Gift Shop in Whitehouse or on the online Etsy Store

Head to our events page to check out the list of local art fairs where we will be selling artwork this year!