Creative Arts Coloring Pages

2.19.20 CC Painting

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants in the Bittersweet Creative Arts Program were working together to create a Bittersweet coloring book. Since we could all use a little extra fun and creativity in our lives right now, we have decided to share these coloring pages with the world in a free, digital format! 

  1. Click below to download and print your PDF coloring page.
  2. Get your color on!
  3. Post a photo of your completed artwork and tag us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured!
  4. Check back often for new coloring pages!

Consider supporting our Bittersweet artists by making a donation to the Creative Arts Program. Click here to make a gift-- and please write "Creative Arts Program" in the "Notes" section of the form.

"Cat" by Joe

"Flowers and Creatures" by Mike

"Turkey" by Joe

"Frog" by Joe

"Cyclops Bunny (Bunny with the Sharp Toes)" by Joe

"Halloween Monster" by Rodney

"Jack o Lantern" by Beth

"Bat" by Conor

"Snake" by Brian

"Birds and Bugs" by Lynn

"Flowers" by Tom

"Dragon" by Tommy

"Dolphin" by Rodney

"Fish" by Gino

"Sea Turtle" by Beth

"Tulips" by Patty

"Lion" by Jimmy