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Joe and Kyle were born thirty years apart.  

While their childhood experiences with autism followed similar patterns involving early
misdiagnoses and social setbacks, the two men share a positive influence that—for more
than three decades—has helped individuals with autism spectrum disorders lead meaningful lives: Bittersweet Farms.

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Joe is in his fifties and moved into Bittersweet in 1984.  Joe’s dad describes Bittersweet as a “lifesaver” for Joe. Joe is one of Bittersweet’s artists and is known for animal drawings.  He considers himself a "country gentleman farmer" and, even in his fifties, he's strong as an ox. 

Long after Joe's arrival at Bittersweet, our world-renowned programs continue to emphasize meaningful activities and work, while providing avenues for individuals to use their special talents and abilities. 

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Kyle is in his twenties and participated in the summer enrichment program as a teenager.  He started working in the day program a few years ago.  Kyle also recently started working a few days a week at Kroger.  Kyle’s mom feels that he was able to get his job at Kroger because of the strides he has made in his communication skills since starting at Bittersweet. Kyle works on engines and mows the grass.  He dreams of running his own landscaping business.

Your investment allows these individuals the resources that they need to pursue a life of meaning and dignity.  The funding that is received from Medicaid has been cut over the years and the cost to operate all of Bittersweet’s programs continues to rise - you close the $229,000 yearly gap between Medicaid funding and the true cost to run the programs.

When you make a contribution to Bittersweet, you help us ensure that Joey and Kyle’s stories, and the stories of all the people we serve have happy endings. 

Donate to positively impact more lives at Bittersweet! 

p.s. Click here to read the full story about Joe and Kyle and the impact people like you have had on their lives.