The individuals Bittersweet Farms serves have the opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of areas on the farm, all of which provide meaningful activity.

AnimalcareAnimal Care
Animal care at Bittersweet Farms consists of feeding, watering, grooming, and caring for the barn animals. Barn tasks and chores such as dusting, sweeping, organizing the tack room and animal supplies, stocking hay, and hanging bird feeders around the farm are expected each day to keep the barn functioning. Horses, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, cats, and alpaca make up the majority of the barn animals across the Bittersweet locations.  

Creative Arts

Creative Arts
Bittersweet Farms' Creative Arts Program has three basic purposes: art therapy, art production, and art for intrinsic value. In our Art Therapy Program, participants create artwork that helps them communicate and express themselves, while also reducing anxiety. Read More





The day program participants and residents are involved in every step of the process when it comes to meal preparation and creating products to sell. One of the latest (and most exciting) endeavors has been manufacturing pesto! Read More



Utilizing a "farmstead model" with a holistic approach - caring for the entire individual - Bittersweet Farms harnesses the natural rhythm of living through emphasizing farming as a meaningful, predictable and fitting way of life. Read More.

The recycling department collects goods from around the farm and transforms these goods into a new product that can be utilized on the farm or sold in the community.



In addition to making small projects that are sold in the community or used on the farm, the woodworking department fixes any broken item on the farm in order to cut down on costs of purchasing new items.



Grounds Keeping


Grounds Keeping
The grounds keeping crew maintain the grounds by mowing, weed whacking, and raking leaves. The crew also is in charge of cutting and hauling wood to heat the greenhouses, using “green” initiatives, opposed to gas or propane. Grounds keeping also makes maple sugar, collecting the sap from the maple trees in order to make syrup for the farm and provide pancake breakfasts for the Day Program.