Creative Arts

CeramicsBittersweet Farms' Creative Arts Program has three basic purposes: art therapy, art production, and art for intrinsic value. In our Art Therapy Program, participants create artwork that helps them communicate and express themselves, while also reducing anxiety. Artists in our program collaborate to create work that is sold to provide much needed funding for the purchase of new art supplies and equipment. All of the participating artists have regular opportunities to create art for their own enjoyment.

FiberartsArtists are grouped to allow those of similar age, with similar needs and abilities, to create and have fun with one another in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This setting provides a wonderful opportunity for much needed social interaction, and provides fertile ground for participants to create lasting friendships. The benefits each individual receives from his or her participation in the Creative Arts Program are numerous and the value is immeasurable.


Recently, the family of a Bittersweet Farms resident and talented artist produced "A Thousand Words," an independent film that depicts how art facilitates communication and expression. Orders can be placed by calling Bittersweet Farms at 419-875-6986 or by shopping online at our Etsy Store.



Many pieces created in our Creative Arts Center can be purchased at the Whitehouse Office Gift Shop or online at our Etsy Store. Special orders* can also be placed at the front desk or by contacting the Creative Arts Specialist Melanie Sears, at 419-875-6986, Ext. 1237 or

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for special orders.